CES 2012: Ultrabooks And Tablets And Ivy Bridge, Oh My!



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I think it comes to what you're doing, I love the Idea of a slimer computer. I saw the Zenbook and I thought " dam, that is one sexy motha fu**er!". when I saw the price tag for the performance, It made me swallow my own druel in fear... $1100 for so little performace? At the end it all goes to what the average consumer wants, most people that see big gaming laptops don't see a reason why you need all that power " being most people only use computers for stuff like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Microsoft Word for school work". For the average user, This computers are more then enough. But for power hungry basterds like us here in Maximum Pc... If it can't hold more than 2 SSDs, and can't play Crysis 2 or any of the newer games...we don't want! lol



My question is, why the f*** did it require harassment from Intel in order for [HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, etc.] to create a thinner, lighter, more powerful, and longer lasting notebook? Are those four aspects not pretty much the whole point of a notebook? Seriously, how dumb are the people running these companies?



Seriously, the problem is that everyone looks at price - and all of the ODMs (OEM designers/manufacturers) that churn out the drivel that Dell and Acer push, and then HP and Lenovo have to match those price points - so you can get your $299 black friday deal.  Apple doesn't compete on price (ooh look - pretty shiny things), so they can make things thinner.  The regular saying is that you can't be too rich or too thin - that is true to some extent...  If you want expensive, you get thin - if you want fat, you get it cheap.

Dell has had thin boxes (Adamo) that weren't like, the Thinkpad X1 is really slick, and a friend is looking for a Thinkpad X301 - which was slim and had an optical drive.



who says "half a hundred"?



Not if I want to run demanding games.  Even Razers alleged "gaming" ultrabook, the Blade is not going to cut it in my opinion.  PCs in the ultrabook form factor are still leaps and bounds behind a chunky desktop replacement.  If I gave a flying crap about aesthetics/design and wanted an untra-portable, underpowered, overpriced laptop, I'd just buy a Macbook Pro.  But, as a human, I am capable of lifting 10lbs and as a gamer, I'm a fan of performance and power.


Holly Golightly

I am with you on this topic. I feel that desktops will always have the absolute cutting edge technology when it comes to raw computing power. I am aware that tablets are more popular than desktops now, but tablets, netbooks, ultrabooks, notebooks and laptops have very small screens. How can you get a fully immersive gaming experience on such a tiny screen? 18 inches is just not enough. This is why I enjoy gaming on my big 32 inch monitor. I like overclocking to get even better performance. Never having to worry about my games chewing through battery life like crazy. I do worry about the shift in gaming focus being more mobile. Development for mobile processors are growing at a phenominal rate. How long have we been using quadcore CPUs? And now we have quadcore tablets coming out. It is only a matter of time that tablets may out grow desktops, but I like my fully immersive gaming experience so I have absolutely no plans to give up my desktop. Of course, I do have a Dell Adamo 13 in Pearl, but I only use it for school, other than that, I am all about my desktop.

"Bigger is better."

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