CES 2012 Sets New Records For Floor Space, Attendance, and Exhibitors



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The fact is that MS was still one of the busiest and largest booths at the show. They did a demo of Win 8 every 20 minutes and the mass of people trying to see it never went away with a large mass waiting for each new viewing. The Windows Phone 7.5 was one of the positive surprises of the show. Also some great new Tegra 3 powered tablets as well as the new Ultrabooks were popular items.

On the negative, there were literally thousands of crappy iToys and people who could speak no English pushing them. iPhone cases by the hundreds, crappy sounding iPad/pod speaker docks and iBling. Without all that crapola the show would have been smaller.

There were some excellent new developments however so we will see what next year brings. To me it could go either way. I remember the last few years of Comdex and there are similarities.



I do not understand why the CES would just fold up an go home with the lack of Microsoft?

they make an OS and a game system, why would the rest of the show quit if they didnt show up?

Did the LasVegas power department have a booth there? nope but everybody used what they provide, kind of like Windows/M$. They are not the end all be all of the internet, they provide a service that while useful, is not unique there are several options for alternatives to them.



They aren't the powerhouse they once were, and certainly not in consumer electronics.  Not sure why anyone would say that.

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