CES 2011: Motorola’s Atrix 4G = Laptop and Smartphone



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Saw the earlier article hinting about this - in the video, is he saying the 'host' is 2.4 lbs? The phone is 4-inch? When he says he can't get on the internet, does that mean because there's no network, or because it doesn't have wi-fi?

All in all, a 2.4 lbs netbook-size dock w/ 6 hr battery is pretty good. Seems rough around the edges in regards to features/designs, but that's probably due to its status as the first of its kind.

One day we may be able to string a bunch of people's phones to a single dock as a cluster, and, assuming programmers are smart enough to use efficient distributed design, we can run gaming computers just from a group's smartphones. (unlikely, I know, but the idea sounds cool, right?)

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