CES 2011: Digital Storm's Ice-Cold TEC



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Peltier coolers have been around for a long time. And there are two very good reasons why they have never taken off as CPU coolers, and why they aren't about too. First, is power. How many amps are on your 12v rail? Peltier coolers need anywhere from 8 to 12 extra amps to run. Not many people have that kind of headroom, especially in a gaming system. Second and more important, is condensation. These run so unnaturally cold that they will cause condensation to form in the air, and literally rust the CPU and motherboard to the breaking point over a course of just a few months.





Problem is the high amp requirements for TECs. Wonder how many amps they're actually pumping to that thing.


Keith E. Whisman

I double dog dare you to lick the cold plate side.



also known as a peltier we use them to cool ink for high speed printers in extreme heat environment and they have many other use to they will get ice on 1 side wile the other side will burn you when you apply 12v dc to them but there are many kind out them there very inefficient but have a place in carton applications



I was at the Digital Storm Suite yesterday and saw this. Very impressive, not only the cooling but the overall workmanship of the entire rig.

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