CES 2010: Silverstone's Sugo SG07 Mini-ITX Case Fits a 5970!



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it's not all that it's cracked up to be. when i recently purchased a new PC i planned on making a lanbox small form factor setup with some serious power; radeon 5870 core i7 6gb ddr, 60gb ssd, 1.5tb hdd, striker 7.1 audio card, bluray drive, 700w modular power supply and a lanbox lite case.

  everything fit just fine but i will admit to putting the 1.5tb drive in the second cd drive slot because i had to take out the hard drive bays because the radeon5870 was too long. the SSD fit just fine in the third hard drive slot they provided, which is on the left side of the case out of the way of everything. everything was snug and fit just fine and temperatures were fine, but it was a real pain in the ass when i had to troubleshoot hardware, taking almost 3x as long to get to parts. so after admitting it wasnt as cool as i had planned, i bought a HAF 932 like i had originally planned

 basicly if you dont wanna read all that crap, this is very doable but be prepared for a tight fitting setup and be sure to make accomodations, such as mounting a hdd onto a cd drive slot. oh and have fun phsyically getting to your hardware too lol.



I wonder what type of temps you will get?



well in china, child labour is rampant



What I want to know is how the heck they assembled that thing!  Does the entire case come apart?  Do they have child's hands?  I can barely work with a mid-tower!



A setup like this would be perfectly paired with the new 45W TDP chips that AMD is putting out.  A 2.3 GHz quad-core would be plenty enough horsepower to drive the 5970 for most games, and the added bonus of negligible CPU heat output.



couldnt you watercool this with a corsair h50?



i guess my "giant" micro-atx case needs to go.  i will have to get the dfi mini tix p55 board, this case, and move my i7 860 and my 5850 into this baby.  wonder how this accomodates 3.5 and 2.5 drives.



Crap bio they beat us to it.... anyway this looks awesome accept that i cant fit my megahalems in it :(



you could watercool it would just take some modding.



you can't watercool but it looks awesome. I would use it over any case if I didn't want to liquid cool.




There are Mini-ITX P55 boards out there. Pairing an i5 750 with a 5870 or 5970 in a shoebox case would make a kickass LAN box for those who have the spare cash.

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