CES 2010: Eyes-On Polaroid's PIC 1000 (bonus: Lady Gaga Sighting)



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This young woman has more talent, creativity, heart, and genius in her pinky finger than some of us have in our entire bodies.  She is an iconoclast and it is natural for backward thinking Neanderthals not to get her or to accept the new era she represents. 


Hg Dragon

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

The only thing she has going for her that a dozen other similar-sounding "artists" don't is her outrageousnes. She's more shock-value than anything else. She'll be out of fashion in two years (if that long) and when she does get brought up, most people will ask, "You mean that crazy lady with all the freaky outfits and that one song?"

John Lennon she's not. Hell, she's not even Twisted Sister on the shock-scale.



...Or do I need to replace the batteries in my "sarcasm-o-tron ?"



She is really weird.

Looks like she's about to crawl up a wall and breathe fire... scary.



Ok, retro is one thing, but that isn't retro its a strait up rehash of the old camera. Now if they wanted to make a cool retro polaroid camera they could have taken the old camera body, put a small color lcd in the viewfinder, and crammed a small photo printer in the bottom. I'm not talking that Zink heat sensitive crap either, but a real inkjet printer. I gaurantee the thing would sell. Not only for the retro value, but for all those places out there that need instant photos. They all used to use the polaroid instants, but these days they have to bring a camera, laptop, and photo printer. Come on polaroid, have some sense. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't be designing new products instead of managing a database, hell a retarded chimp could do better than some of these people.



Is sony going to start selling VCR's again as well?



Has Polaroid sunk so low?  They're camera can't stand on it's own with out something outrageous?  This is craziness.  Sing woman, don't try to sell me something.  You probably don't even know how a camera works.

Phenom II 955 BE/8G DDR3 1600/ATI 4870 x2/SB X-Fi xtremegamer



possibly. now that you can instantly see yoru pic in a digital camera... granted on a puny screen... there's been loads of talk over the companies demise. Especially so, as home users can print off pics on a home printer for relatively cheap. The point of a photo lab is now becoming more faded as well (except its still cheaper... but not by a lot).

 This might end up being their last best chance to bring themselves back before the screens on the digital cameras make their instant pics a relic. So yah -hire lady gaga to get peeps interested...why not?


Mike Hawk

What the flying...... retro camera and a reptilian manhunter!

Really is the palm frond for cooling?

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