CES 2010: Eyes-On the Parrot AR.Drone



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Keith E. Whisman

red 5 standing by. really i think they are both awesome and with more carriers providing google android phones we can look forward to android support in the near future i hope.



 Red Button Standing by...

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God, I can't wait for the "iphone" craze to go away. It really boggles the mind how many companies are jumping to make programs and gadgets for a single carrier phone (although that is going to change.) Then again, the American public never cease to amaze me with what it latches on to. I put iphone in the same catagory as americon idol and survivor: Smudges on the american reputation that I wish would hurry up and disapear.



 Now we have to worry about the jackhole iPhone users and their useless widgets PLUS the mini Stealth bombers they can now pilot remotely!

Stupidity and coolness, now there's an app for both of that!




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