CEOs' Golden Parachutes Have Cost HP $80m Since 2005



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Hey HP, if you are looking for somebody to f-up your company again, I can do it in a couple of months and all I ask for is a 5 mil golden parachute - a way better deal than the 11 months and 25 mil you gave the last CEO.





With all those Dream Machines hanging around the office...

[Windows Key] + [r]; calc [Enter] 



Think of it this way.  The few million you pay them to leave is chump change compared to the billions they are costing your company if they stay.



What a wonderful system it is when you can receive millions of $s for being a fuck up.I was fired once, i got fuck all, couldn,t even get unemployment benifits. It all Makes no sense.


Holly Golightly

Nope, she is going to end up riding the golden parachute out of HP's headquarters. I do not get it... Why do these CEO's get such massive payouts right when they get fired? This would never happen to blue collared slobs like us. I say, fire them and tell them tough luck. Those millions of dollars need to go to investment of technology, because right now, HP is beginning to look a lot like Yahoo. Redundant! This is why I never purchased an HP laptop. This is why I do not use Yahoo. Their stupidity and greed. It is like nobody knows how to run a company these days.



"Why do these CEO's get such massive payouts right when they get fired?"

The reason is often because the company has to "buy-them-out" of the board of directors. I have no idea if this is the case for these past HP CEO's, but it's very likely.  



"$10.3 billion acquisition of Autonomy; that’s chump change compared to the cash HP’s shelled out in severance packages t ... cost HP around $80 million since 2005."


$10.3 Billion > $80 Million



Yes, but they're actually getting something out of that purchase.

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