CEO Sues Former Company For Snooping in Personal Email



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I hope your last paragraph is totally off.  I mean, I see why for *this* case, the guy might still be up a creek, but I hope it doesn't change the precedent.  I understand it if there's a specific policy agreed to between you and your employer that says something like "Don't access personal e-mail from work.  If you choose to do so, its security is not guaranteed."  But in the absence of a policy, it would seem downright stupid to me for them to rule that personal e-mail at work isn't subject to any legal protection of privacy.



I think what they where saying is that he logged in to his e-mail account and left his computer with it still logged in for anybody walking by to see.

 What gets me confused is: "The CEO’s former employee's access to his Yahoo account netted them
over 10,000 e-mails which included privileged communications between
him and his attorneys regarding his plans to sue regarding his firing."

Is there a typo, they fired him because his employee's found info about him suing the company for being fired? sounds like he was fired before they accessed his e-mail.

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