Censored Internet for International Media at the Beijing Olympics



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Elisabeth Brittani

The Beijing Olympics couldn't gain popularity even if it uses the best Seo web design firm in the world, at least not a good one. The Chinese Government should be more opened to the idea of a free Internet, because so far the www. has done only good. The web should unite people and not create a psychological pressures.



are for governments to play. The I.O.C. should concentrate on the games and stay out of the politics.


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Talcum X

 Not every world problem has an American solution.  We have our own people to worrie about and take care of. Their country, there rules.  If we dont like it, we dont have to go there.  Sit this round out.  We dont want our finest athletes breathing that "air" anyways.


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It a little silly for Americans (and westerners in general) to get all self-righteous about Chinese censorship and human rights abuses when we suck up billions of dollars worth of Chinese exports. If we really cared, we'd stop doing business with them. Since it's basically impossible for us to stop doing business with them, we should probably just shut up and stop pretending that what they do to their own people really matters to us.





Word, yo!



but forgiving as well. That is the main reason why world does business and that prevents China from starving. Lets face it sanctions don't work either. Anyways, its your perspective. But with an orchestrated internet it feels like you are part of the Truman Show - very frustrating. My friends in Iran and UAE have gone through it.



It is their world, they have the freedom to when and how to open up their world to outside.



torproject.org, people, it's slow as hell but completly anonymous

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