Celeron Brand Surges Ahead with Three New Mobile Sandy Bridge Chips



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When I think of the Celeron processor, I think........ celery. Not bite sized pieces of celery lathered in creamy Skippy peanut butter but instead how slowly celery grows, how unappealing it is to a carnivore like myself, and how even Bugs Bunny would pass on it for a carrot.



Exactly! I don't think of a good CPU. I think of the bottom of the $1 bargin bin kinda CPU. The one you use on your worst enemy!

Intel Celery CPU's were absolute garbage!



Wow KILL OFF THE SINGLE CORE PROC'S ALREADY!! please for the love of everything computer kill off single core procs! If all these celeron's are going to be is dual core 1.9, 1.6, or single core 1.6 give me an atom cpu.  and if its going to be an atom make that dual core.  I have ran a couple dual core atoms (the D525) and guess what they are pretty speedy 1.8Ghz fast enough for htpc or for web surfing.

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