Cedar Trail Successor Could Be a 22nm SoC with Ivy Bridge Graphics



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This would a lot of acceptable be acclimated in phones and tablets. Personally, I don’t see myself anytime affairs x86 based processors on my adaptable devices, but this is still an absorbing advance from accepted Atom processors.

Windows 8



Nahh, I'll stick with my AMD E350 netbook, thank you very much. Intel sucks with netbooks.



Nobody buys a second Netbook? I have three! Under $200 each and with a few cheap upgrades, quite useful for work in various locations or travel. No they don't have an "almost" camera, but can be used as a phone with video. I also own two dumb phones, and over four "Real" cameras. Each serves a purpose and does it better than an overpriced tablet that costs more than several of my "Netbooks" combined. I had several iPhones and a couple of iPads, along with an older Android tablet and "Smart Phone" for evaluation. When they can sell a full featured Android Tablet for under $200, I might consider it. Even a Win 8 tablet at a decent price point might be interesting. Right now, I can buy a full featured laptop for less than a full featured Tablet, and select the size that works for me.


John A

Its the economy, people are not going to spend $1000 on one when they can buy a pretty good laptop for $400. It seems that Intel and Microsoft keep trying to jam something down your throats even if its garbage, et el Windows 8.



The "economy" doesn't seem to stop people from buying high end smart phones and tablets. They are also buying ultrabooks, which tend to be more expensive than netbooks.

You are dead wrong, anyway; netbooks are far cheaper than what you think. Peruse Newegg to get a clue.



Nobody, and I mean NOBODY buys a second netbook,



Is it just me, or is this a really really outdated roadmap from 2~3 years ago?

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