CEA Speaks Out Against Mandating FM Radio Chips in Cell Phones



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Why stop with phones? they should mandate that we all have FM radios implanted. .


Five Rabbits

Arstechnica has a more indepth atricle: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2010/08/radio-riaa-mandatory-fm-radio-in-cell-phones-is-the-future.ars

From what I understand the musicFIRST (RIAA's Lobbying group) wants more money from radio stations, the National Association of Broadcasters (Lobbying group for radio stations) opposes this.  It seems Radio gets what amounts to a discounted rate for playing music, when webcasters and satellite radio do not. musicFIRST aims to end this.

What's mentioned in the MaxPC article is a compromise between the two lobbying groups.  If tuners are in every mobile device capable of playing music radio gets a much larger audience and can better afford to pay the RIAA the millions they seek.

The first bit does seem an important area of copyright law the does need fixing, as it stands its unfair to webcasters and satellite radio. I'd rather see the webcasters and satellite radio get the same deal broadcast radio has, as I loath the RIAA and their weaselly money grubbing consumer hating ways.

The compromise is pure crap, it tries to turn a bill aimed at clarifying/making fair copyright law into regulating an industry that is not primarily involved with either lobby.

The DTV example the guy gives at the end is pretty weak, the primary use of a TV is to watch TV, the primary use of a cell phone is for communication, not to listen to the radio.

I don't think this portion has gone through committee yet, hopefully it'll get killed there. Though you never know where the government is concerned.

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Thank-you to Five Rabbits for explaining why this is an issue.

Paul Lilly, you're a hack writer!





An FM radio in my cell phone? That would make me either upgrade just before that ancient POS was included or else just keep my present phone forever. Why would we want that? Why would we stand for that?



I didn't think that the NAB and RIAA were government orginizations. I thought that they were private ones. If that's the case, then it's a private company that wants the government to mandate it, as the NAB and RIAA know that they can't do it on their own.

So far, I don't think the US Government has said anything about what it's going to do with this.



It's like reflecs for some people, they automatically blame the goverment for everything.

Your right the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) is a trade association, RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is a business trust. 

None of them are government organizations, the government does not appoint people to there boards, they are completely private.





It's obvious that the "people" don't want this, and yet the government might force companies (regulate) to do something that's not good for them, or the end user.

The FREE MARKET will decide on it's own, if nobody wants a FM radio in their phone, then phone makers will not put them in!

It's really that simple!



I swear, these people have run out of laws to make.  Are you kidding me??? Who the hell even listens to FM anymore?  With Pandora and other internet options, even SiriusXM is going to be in trouble.  Perfect example of a slow, bloated government that cant keep up with the market.  What will be next?  Every electronic device will be required to have a dial-up modem?  Stupid bastards!  Why dont you work on fixing the roads.

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