CD Turns 26 and It Still Won't Die



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It's back to basics with the iPod classic, a nod to the digital music
player that started it all. The only thing you'll find similar between
this iPod and the iPod of old however is the name. The iPod classic
comes in multiple storage configurations of up to 160 GB. That's 40,000
songs, or 200 hours of video, all in the palm of your hand. Album art,
pictures, TV shows, and movies all pop off the bright and sharp 2.5
inch LCD display, and with battery life that will last for up to 40
hours of use, you'll never have to worry about the iPod classic losing
power before you do.

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There really isn't any reason for them to die.  I think the DVD was too ambitious, we could have lived with a double capacity CD, 1.5 gigabyte, it might have been a better combination of size and speed.  DVD's in the past, at least in my case, were prone to error making, and were certainly slow.

CD's are still one of the fastest optical medium out there today.  And if you need computer code that fills up over 700mb, I'm not sure that is called progress.  While I've probably got stacks of DVD coasters, I've probably got less than 10 CD coasters.  That's what you get when you buy the cheapest hardware?

DVD's are nice, but we are not seeing 52x DVD read speeds (would your machine catch on fire?).  Denser formats are for people with money to burn?  Hi-Def and Blue Ray seem to be more of a fashion, although I would not watch a big screen tv without hi-def enabled -- seems to defeat the purpose.  Of course that costs more, but I'm straying from the article.

Long live the CD -- the Luke Skywalker of Microsoft?  In a galaxy far away, a long time ago......

Back up your terrabyte storage with hard drives, but for communication, nothing can beat a CD sometimes. 












Drugs don't hurt, they kill, dreams, families, careers etc.  Be all you can be.



best thing on cd: Starcraft.

worst thing on cd: anything blugrass.

Only if game devs would embrace procedural generation for their content, games could be distributed on cd!



It works kinda like a 1-way mirror, except that it looks like rainbow fish-scales, and the light really shines out the edges of the "scales."  From the outside, its a fish-scale mirror.  Took to damn long to make, though.

I cut each CD into 3 pieces (otw, it would have taken 200, instead of just 75 or so), and hung them sort of like the beads in a beaded curtain.  They move in the breeze, or when I have a fan or the heat running... 8) 




Didn't someone make a Fish out of the aol CDs?



OMG my mom and aunt have sooo many aol fish hanging around.




Best- The SACD layer.  Too bad it didn't pan out.

Worst- low bitrate mp3 filesthat have been re-circulated, recompressed, then re-circulated again.



MAXPC PODCAST (i know you can download it but it still comes with there cd)
Journey's Greatest Hits
Some Anti-Virus software (rare) :)
Tony Hawk Pro Skater for PS1



clean out butt crack. I seriously had a friend who did that. It was a maxtor x16 cd-r

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