CD Sales Still Shrinking; Digital Distribution Still Growing



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I Jedi

"Answer..CD's media has a limited life span and a limited 700mb data capacity..thats 10 to 15 songs max.."

I think you're grossly underestimating the CD's compacity to hold music. 700MB of storage compacity can fit well over 130 songs if each song is around or a little over 5MB, which most are. 



CD's are cheap now a days...but why burn it on a cd..whe you can just save it as an ISO or convert it into a more playable format to your choosing..

Answer..CD's media has a limited life span and a limited 700mb data capacity..thats 10 to 15 songs max..

while on the other hand an Ipod has a min of 4GB of storage for songs or mp3' do the math




BUt compared to CDs, MP3s sound like crap. If I have a high end sound system at home, I don't want to be playing some garbage mp3 or aac file that I downloaded from PureTracks or iTunes. I want a good quality recording; at least CD quality; APE, FLAC, or an actual CD, or better yet, Audio DVD. As long as digital distribution consists of 5meg files for 3 minutes songs or what have you, CDs won't die off.



People still argue the same thing about CD's and vinyl, that the sound from vinyl records is superior...Of course the difference in sound between CD's and MP3's is undeniable but the music I listen to is mostly lo-fi garage rock stuff so the point is moot! :-D 



I've never bought a digital-only version of an album, but thanks to Amazon, the prices are coming down to right about where they should be ($5-10). I'll make the switch just as soon as they sell CD ISO images instead of MP3s.



I still prefer to buy CDs...  Of course, I rip them to my computer as soon as I get home...  I like being able to rip to a format of my choosing and still have physical media in case my computer dies on me.  It also doesn't help that I still have an old CD player in my truck and here in the Philadelphia area, it's hard to find an available FM station for an FM transmitter and my iPod.



I think I bought my last CD about a year ago and may or may not have gotten some of my music through p2p services for a while.  I think that the prices for digital music are extrememly reasonable and I have been getting Tons-O-Stuff from Amazon's MP3 download service and I'm very pleased with it.  I tried Itunes and they have a great selection but it's a pain to get the music to work on my Winamp.

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