Casio Agrees to Linux Patent Deal with Microsoft



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You guys have to realize that Microsoft only charges for patents in Linux when it's being used in a product for sale and is closed source. Case in point, open source Linux distros like Ubuntu and Red Hat don't pay Microsoft for patents. But Casio, I'm assuming, probably uses a customized version of Linux on their cameras which they keep closed source and then turn revenue on those products. So Microsoft only charges for patents when a company is making revenue off those patents. That's why Android is such a tough call, because Google gives it out for free, but they make significant revenue off of it because it is tightly integrated with Google's advertising business.

Another reason a company might actually WANT to sign a patent licence with Microsoft is because those patents may provide a strong legal backing against patents from other companies that may try to sue them. Those patents actually provide them with some legal protection. And considering how many companies have signed patent licences with Microsoft, you have to assume that Microsoft is probably offering them at a very reasonable price. And realistically, Microsoft sues far, far fewer companies over patents then most of the competition. Yet Microsoft gets sued by other companies every other day.




I hate microsoft, as soon as Linux natively supports games I will stop using windows 7 (no I didn't pay for it)

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What patents, you say? Well if I had to guess I would say it probably has something to do with API's for sound and graphics technology that they're getting their skirts in an uproar about. Not to mention that Linux OS uses an X based iconic GUI which conspicuously resemebles Windows ironically enough.

I say 'ironically' cause in their next iteration of Windows they completely abandoned the icon based gui for some stupid tile based system so they could open a store and develop Metro apps and get a cut from Metro app developers. Good luck with that MS. I for one truly hate the concept and plan to hang on to Windows 7 (you know, the one you got right?) for as long as I did XP.



My first instinct is to get annoyed at MS.

My second instinct is to tell myself fools and their money are soon departed.

Thanks for proving my point Casio.

Wait - doesn't Casio make watches?  What would they be using Linux for?  They must be making other things and I haven't noticed.

taptaptap - keyboards, digital cameras, cash registers(?).  Hehe.  Never knew.  Maybe Casio should have spent the money on advertising instead.



What patents, Microsoft? I think the Linux community has been awaiting the answer since MS first made this claim.

Microsoft has a patent on preloading their closed-source OS on every freaking cheap eMachines and Acer that WalMart sells. No one is infringing on their artificial marketshare so they should just pound sand.



You know, Microsoft is trying to make using Linux cost money.  For example, by demanding royalties on Android, they are making profits off Android  Also, it will make Android cost more to use then Microsoft will throw Windows 8 and Windows Phone into the amthc at a cheaper price.  In my opinion, that is dirty business in that it is anti innvoation.  With Mcirosoft, if someone violated the patents, and reaches success, Microsoft sues them hoping to make money off the success of innovators. 


Solely my opinion.

Now hoenstly, in my opinion, if a company were truly dedciated to the progress and developement of technology, they would release thigns as open source and they wouldn't sue others who innovated despite patent violations.  Based on this, Linux is more "truly pro-technology development" with open source.  Clsoed source prevents code from reaching and being accessed by many who have ideas.  With Linux, code can spread and people can easily put in changes they want.  Such changes, if deemed popular and benefitial, would be implememented in official Linux distro releases.  Open source opens technolgoy to everyone and this is truly "pro technology and devleopement".


Now, I realise that companies still have to profit and make money.  So there is mixed source.  Not completely open nor closed.



They always talk about the Patents, but they never say what they are infringing on. This to me just makes it seem like a shake down for protection money. Funny how when individuals do that, it is illegal, but when a corp does it, it is legal. *sigh*

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