Carbon Nanotubes may be the Secret to New Generation of Flat Speakers



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You guys are kidding right?  20C is roughly equal to 70F which is considered standard room temperature...  Well I suppose a good use for this would be if you are attempting to sell it to nightclubs who want to blast music all night and then serve oven roasted turkey fresh out of the speakers afterwards.  Or perhaps you could sell it to eskimos who want to listen to music and possibly commit suicide within a jacket made of the stuff...


Keith E. Whisman

80C that's alot right? Is that enough to cook say a turkey dinner? The Speaker dinnner. Listen to Don Ho Singing Shiny Bubbles while you cook dinner with the speaker system.



Sounds interesting (no pun intended), but I wonder if it will sound any good.



carbon nano-tubes and all nanotech materials are known to be toxic to the environment and to the human body. They are of such tiny scale that they pass through the skin and collect in the body. They should not be created or used, most emphatically.

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