Capitol Police Investigating Tweet from The Onion



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It's how the world is now.  Onion makes their tweet.  Okay, fine.  Police have to follow up on it because that's their job.  Okay, fine. 

The problem is, someone (media) picks up on it and make the big issue out of it.  Otherwise it's really a non-story. 



If this was bad taste then we need more bad taste. I'm sick of the politicall correct bs and American citizens having to behave like sheeple to authority. Congresses authority is US not them and it's time they get it (well some do).



Is it illegal? I don't know, but it certainly is in bad taste. I suppose I don't know the whole story behind it, so what's funny about it?



It was a tweet that was also a link a reference to a satiricle article about congress taking school children hostage. I guess the whole issue here is that the government has too much money so it has to spend some of it investigating a tweet/being internet police. Oh wait...




I Jedi

I thought the joke was funny as hell, and I entirely got why they tweeted it. Oh, shit, am I going to get the police here because I actually supported something that didn't seem "appropriate," as well as threatening to non-existent children in this fictious tweet? See some of you in the Gulag!

P.S. I know some of you will pull the old, "You just can't say some things!" Explain why with supporting details and arguments. Now, I'm not so naive, as to believe we have freedom of speech without restraint. You can see my argument here for that:



I thought it was funny too. Especially the 12 Trillion part. Bad taste? maybe, but I still chuckled.

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