Capcom Digital Collection Ships March 27 in U.S., Eight Games for $40



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So many of Japanese games have become dull, behind-the-times, limited in scope, and ultimately obsolete in comparison to games from the West. This, along with the fact that the Japanese economy and its products have been decreasing in competitiveness and quality for quite a while now, has made all these (pricey) endless re-hashes and re-releases more pathetic. And seeing them in various e-sales channels (e.g., App Store) at ridiculously premium prices are absolutely inexcusable. And as much as I love a lot of the classics from the likes of Square Enix, I consciously refuse to contribute to this behavior -- their continued, historically misguided hope that, somehow, anything they do deserves a premium price tag. Perhaps this was a bit more justified with less competition, but that has been a thing of the past for a long time. There is an ever-increasing number of competent studios churning out AAA-quality games, equal to and now oftentimes greater in scope and quality (and far greater in technology) than their Japanese counterparts, that have more strategic and realistic expectations.

I used to love them, root for them, and eagerly wait for them, but I found myself drifting in interest to the point of now being at complete disinterest and disgust.

And this goes for everything from their electronics to food. I find myself staying away even from Japanese restaurants (especially those run by the natives themselves) -- not because I lack the funds or I dislike the food, but because I find it increasingly difficult to justify their pricing psychology when there is just so much out there that offer me healthier, more fulfilling, and more difficult-to-prepare, quality food choices. And please, don't come to me with elementary excuses about market prices for ingredients.



I am SOOOO sick of people criticizing Maximum PC for covering Mac news, or game news, or news! I love all the articles that Maximum PC posts. Keep up the good work guys!

And regarding the actual's a shame I already own all the good games on the list. :(



We appreciate the kind words!



First off, why no love for Mega Man 9 and 10?

Secondly, why is this on Maximum PC?



Because the site pays for just about any article submission in hopes of drawing advertising dollars. The same article, verbatim including the syntactical errors, probably appears on about ten other websites.



You'd have to ask Capcom for an answer to your first question. As to your second query, we cover a variety of tech topics on Maximum PC, including, on occassion, console games when we feel it's interesting or awesome. This one happens to be a smidge of both. Don't agree? Don't despair! Just hit the scroll wheel and you'll find plenty of other tech nuggets today, tomorrow, the next day, and so forth.

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