Can't Wait Another Week for Ubuntu 9.10? Download the Release Candidate Today



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The beta had some bugs.  Like it telling me that it had a program or something crash every time I booted it, despite everything working perfectly fine (can't remember what, cause I stopped caring).  Also, the beta's pulseaudio implementation wasn't quite up to par (no surprize there...), and I frequently had to kill it to keep my computer running usably.

However, the RC seems to have fixed every single issue I have noticed in the beta.  I'm pretty happy with it so far.

Note also, the beta was more satisfying to run from a usability perspective for me than is windows7 even with the beta's bugs, but the RC really drives home all the stuff I like about ubuntu (performance is a big one, security is another, easy maintainence/stability another...and I like gnome lots too)
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 I am using the 9.10 beta now but was having some problems with it, hopefully this will fix them!

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