Canon's New EOS 7D: Bigger, Faster, Smarter, Stronger



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wah wah wah  museum... wah wah wah pictures... wah wah wah stick to computers

get over yourself super-mega-uber-too sexy for the catwalk geeks

some people that read MPC enjoy this stuff.....

cancel your subscriptions....and more importantly, stop making self important/absorbed comments on this website...

now you can sit and cry about this as you angrily read your mac's screen while sipping your girly coffee.




Sorry folks, but this must be said: I rigorously cancel subscriptions to computer magazines wasting time and attention on... cameras! This is like a disease of a kind. You cannot control your hormones. You lose focus, you need autofocus, pun intended.

I do passionately photograph all my life, I own both a Nikon and a Canon system. My images scored publications and even a place on a wall in a museum. Thus I do read photography magazines. We have web zines, like dpreview or Luminous Landscapes, or The Imaging Resources, or the Photozone or Do you really believe that you can come even close to the wealth and detail of that information on a page between OS utilities, mother boards and hard drives?

I get it, you like the Canon. Well me too, it is a good hit. But for Pete's sake, not here please. Stay focused, eye on the target. Camera out, light out, LED on, that one on the motherboard that it. Please, be serious.


Silicon Valley




If I want to read about cameras I'll go to a source that actually lives and breathes cameras. Someone that can tell the difference between Hasselblad and Sigma and prove it, instead of a half-assed overview/review with no informed testing behind it.

Similarily I wouldn't go to a photographer to get benchmarks on a GTX295.

This plague of irrelevance is just a way to get more advertising. "Hey if we review cell phones, cameras and throw in "free" cell phone gaming supplements we can sell ad space to a wider range of companies."

The arguments "it's almost a small computer" and "I use it with my computer!" don't fly either. I can plug my computer into an LCoS projector but that doesn't mean MPC has any business reviewing them. That's what dedicated HT magazines are for, who have video test benches and ISF qualified testers.

MPC should stick to computer hardware and software 24/7. it's what they are qualified to do.

Anything less isn't "maximum PC" by any stretch of the defintion.




That's about midrange for comps also isn't it? I mean midrange comps are actually a bit more. These camera's are worth it. Call it a "hobby" but any electronic that can be used for work and play is worth twice as much in my book. /Drool... What I want to know is could I hook up a firestore hard drive to this baby and will these DSLRs eventually make the canon video cameras obsolete?? Please say yes!


digital demon

It's so ironic a single article of electronics that costs almost $2000 can be classified as "mid-range". I've got a Canon myself, but per use photography has to be one of the most expensive hobbies in existence.

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