Canonical Thinks Human Beings Need Ubuntu TV



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Looks cool, but I wonder if it works with the Ceton IfiniTV CableCard tuner? Currently I use Windows Media Center on Windows 7 and am mostly happy with it, but UbuntuTV does look pretty cool.



Would seriously consider using it, as long as they allow me to use it on a computer attached to a TV. If it's built into TVs exclusively, then I'm not buying.


Looks close to XBMC, which I'm very happy with, have 4 of those around the house.



It looks great....but I'm done with compiling anything. Unless they create and maintain a package installer, I'll steer clear.


Oh and PS to all the interface creators out there. if we're moving away from disk-based media, I have no interest in seeing a little picture of the disk case. Let's evolve and just stick with movie posters. Better yet, let's make the image really small and use the space for content synopsis/info at a glance instead. Box covers tell me very little and take up too much screen space.



Compile what? They do have package software its called "synaptic package manager" and "ubuntu software center".

  As a Ubuntu user I was at first worried on the route when Mark Shuttleworth said that by 2014 or 14.04 LTS that they will be on Tablets , Mobiles and TV's. But now after seeing this UI. I have no doubt they will pull it off. At CES they said you can still hook up your DVD/Blu-ray player to the tv. Plus I wouldn't be saprised if I saw Ubuntu 1 cloud intergation with purchases of movies and shows.



point taken, but the article says you can dl, compile and run the source code. That's what that part of my statement was referring to. (not that the general end user needs the source code)

I do indeed think the synaptic package manager is a great thing, but...
1) there's not a package for every [ubuntu] linux program I've ever wanted.
2) when I first started with ubuntu, there were no beginner instructions on the package manager and I really had to find my own way. I feel linux is still hampered by the "catering to the in-crowd" flaw. If you don't know linux it's still very hard to get started.

That said, I know little of that has to do with this article, but I'm just done compiling. I've tried it for many programs and lost good hours, even days on several such failed attempts. If, for example, I had to compile this program to get it to run in an x86 environment (virtual linux or otherwise), or on another linux OS, I would walk away.



Would be interesting to see how this pans out. Google has also recently made a push for the TV space and IIRC, Samsung and Sony are on board with them. Either way, I think its a good thing since the web would continue to become more accesible.

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