Canonical Readies Special Version of Ubuntu for Tablets



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Absolutely nothing wrong with competition, no matter how small the market.

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Nutcracklng snack

now this i would buy if it will alow you to watch netflix on it

i have all ready instaled Ubuntu on my laptop and i do like how the os runs 

and if thay fix it so that i can run netflix on it i would Dump windows in a hart beet my main system is all ready a mac

for real that is the only thing that made me place win7 back on my laptop 

and im not going to bother with dule booting it is just a wast of time and ill keep running my cracked win7 ult untell thay fix netflix to run on the Ubuntu OS then i will be windows free  



Ubuntu would offer the promise of more high-ambition level applications (as opposed to simple "apps"), but the growing critical mass of the Android store has its attractions. For now, I just want to get my hands on some Android tablets, and then let them duke it out with the iPad. I know my own tablet use. I've been using tablets since 2002. I'm not sure I really *need* much more than what Android and iOS already provide. It comes down to whether you need your tablet to be a notebook replacement device. I think all the people who are using and enjoying the iPad have discovered it's not a notebook replacement device. But it has its purpose and functionality, and for these folks (myself included), that's all a tablet should be. The people who bought an iPad but think it's bunk? They should be in netbooks or notebooks.



It's not widely accepted/used on desktops. It was nuked on netbooks. Passed over for MIDs. Same for tablets.



An Ubutnu tablet would be pretty sweet but i dont know if the public is ready for the open source awsomeness just yet



Ubuntu lost me when the moved the damn window buttons.




Isn't that being a bit... shallow?


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Shallow? Don't think so.. maybe from their side. I don't like the attitude they took. I never liked their default theme but I still used it. But to make a pretty drastic change to the way I use an OS just for the sake of change. Yea, I know I can change it back. Again, I don't like their attitude. So, I quit on them.



fix it once and never worry about it again

if that bothers you so much I imagine you have a hard time with almost any OS that updates with any regularity... - sci-fi and other cool stuff---



Thank you for that.  It was a little annoying, but I hadn't taken the time to find the solution.



I used to use ubuntu on my laptop.  I think it would be great to use on a tablet if they get the touch controls right.  Im really excited to see what kind of hardware this will be featured on as well.  Ill probably have a hard time choosing between this and android though 



I run ubuntu on my main PC at home, but I'm not feeling this.  Bring on the android tablets, and this may get some play as a secondary boot option, but I can't see using it all the time. - sci-fi and other cool stuff---

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