Canonical Hopes to Profit From Ubuntu Search Deal



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GreenTurtle say the least.    Huh.

Not much more I could say about that.



I don't get this.  Doesn't make much sense to me.
Mark Shuttleworth (head of canonical) is always raving about free software and making the desktop open and accessible to anyone, including the dirt poor who can't afford an big fancy OS from the likes of MS or this deal just seems counter-intuitive.  I can understand needing to make money...that makes sense, but now that yahoo uses bing's engine for search, it's indirectly supporting Ubuntu's apparent enemy in the desktop market (MS).  Also, google is more renowned to opensource it's tools and stuff, than their rivals MS and Yahoo.  Something I would think would matter to the makers of Ubuntu as to who they would choose to get into bed with.  Personally, I prefer google for my searches.  I used to use yahoo back before I had gmail, and it is good.  By default, my ISP (charter) uses yahoo for things that it can't find for you, but I switched my DNS to opendns, and I prefer dns misses to hit google, as I tend to have much better luck finding what I was actually trying to go to.  If market share is any indication of personal preferences, then I think many other people likely feel the same way, so it's odd to me that they would do something that goes in opposition to what seems to be the majorities preferences for a search engine as well.



 One of the weridest things to date.

 I like ubuntu I have nothing against it, but why Yahoo? Sure its not as bad a bing but its like having an ask toolbar installed.

Firefox choosed Google for a reason...

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