Canon Rolls Out EOS Rebel XS



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I would like a comparison between the new canon XSi and the new Sony HD camcorder from the perspective of one item to carry to capture family/pets/travel/events of life for future generations....I think it would be interesting for a lot of people.  Have been a camera fan for 40 years and have two digital camcorders but the new Sony I picked up in the store was AMAZING....I accidently had it pointed at the carpet in a Frys store when I turned it on and could not tell what I was seeing....turns out it was the carpet.....zomed on....looked like I was viewing individual hairs thru a microscope.....from 3 feet away.  And the low light ability...without the night switch turned on was also amazing.  Would love to see your take on the comparison as the Canon also impressed me....thanks...Joe.



JoeF, it really depends upon whether you prefer still images or video. Video captures motion and voices, which you can't do with a still camera. However, a still camera can capture emotions, expressions, and the inner life of its subjects by capturing selected moments. Ideally, use both (just not at the same time!).


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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