Canon EOS-1D X DSLR Brings Three Brains to the Professional Photo Shoot



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All I want to know is if it has date/time stamp

If thanks



Holly Golightly

Gosh, what ever happen to design? That thing is one big ugly mess. I am all for the new technology, but I want something that is going to complement my accessories... Not make me look like I used a time machine from the 1990s. I don't mind the price, just give me something nice to accessorize with. Something I can fit in my purse. That thing is just bulky. I will admit though, I am absolutely impressed by the specs though.



Yup. As below, if you want something light that goes in purses, a point-and-shoot digital camera with 12-ish MP is good enough. Heck, a smartphone with 5-8 MP is probably fine (+apps for editing!). This thing is a DSLR. It's meant to be bulky and have an amazingly large set of functionality for the pros to take pictures.

You can't really complain about it being bulky and poorly designed, because for a DSLR, it's actually pretty compact, and anyways, it wasn't even meant to be light and portable...



If you are buying this you probably don't wear any accessories because your hands are full with another one of those with a big ass lens and more stuff that you which was lighter.

If you want to accessorize, get one of those shiny point and shoot with the nice colors :)

I have used them (not these ones) and they are awesome the way they are.






ISO 204,800? holy frijoles! can I take sharp pictures in the middle of the night with that? O_o

Everything looks really nice but the price, with that kind of money I could get me some nice glass, but I guess that when you are a paid "pro" shooting a ballerina hanging from a helicopter you can get away with that :D




Ha ha hanging from a helicopter.... just spit my lunch over my keyboard.


I agree though, as a 'non-professional' photographer I would much rather spend it on some new lenses than a new body...  guess we arent the target market!



My wallet ran away once I clicked the link

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