Canon Announces New PIXMA Printer Models and CanonScan Scanner



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Solving the Problem of blinking ink Lights on Printers Printers are important electronic devices because they provide hard copies for important documents. There are many types of printers which are from different manufacturers but they all work using the same mechanism. Essential items for a printer are printing papers and cartridges where the printing ink is placed. Once a printer is connected to a power source it should only show a green light which basically means it is on. A printer can however show two other orange or red lights which represent the paper/resume light and the ink light.



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Chips in ink cartridges? Fuck no. Will not buy another Canon printer.



If the ink cartridges for these printers are anything like my PIXMA iP4200 you can buy a chip resetter off of eBay for a couple of bucks so you can refill the cartridges and reset the ink levels. I think I paid $4.99 with free shipping for mine and it takes one second to reset the cartridge. I can't imagine these ink tanks will be any different.

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