Can Switching Fonts Save You Money?



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I searched for new fonts on San Diego datacenter but haven't found any decent ones yet. Can somebody recommend me a nice forum or something ?



I guess if you multiply a page by hundreds of thousands you can get a significant amount of ink saved but I'm not sure this will reflect in every person's budget because the sums would be almost unnoticeable.

30% seems ridiculously high in my opinion... maybe 5% to 10% maximum... and it really depends on how much you're printing on the first place... and let's remember that there are certain companies (for high volumes) which can save you even more money. In the end I think it's just a wow/hype story, nothing more.

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Assuming the same font size I think that century gothic is probably about 8-12% larger than Arial. I don't see how it could use less ink and it may actually require more paper if you are printing multiple page documents. Anything over 20 pages might actually require another page of paper depending on the line spacing. Ink probably costs more than paper but I don't know if this was taken into account. Times New Roman seems smaller but all those serifs must add up. This is a wierd article but at least he isn't pushing comic sans.



Wow, I never thought of this. I knew bigger font-sizes wastes ink, but never about font-style.  But who prints their emails? In my 4 years of college, I've never printed my emails. Neither at work because emails are easily archivable.



"According to the Wisconsin college, the switch from the default font
(Arial) to Century Gothic will cut back on the amount of ink required
when students print out an email."

I thought printing email was for old people.



 I use the TF2 Standard font for typing (it's the one from the TF2 Chalkboard) and the TF2 Build font for Headings, or Titles (it's the "Meet the..." font)






I use wingdings, or wingdings 3. Wingdings 2 is is just stupid.



Or they could stop using inkjet printers, which have a horribly high cost of usage, and switch to laser printers, which are much less expensive to operate.

I haven't owned an inkjet in over 10 years and NEVER WILL. 



I have an idea... just dont print!

Would save liters of ink and tonns of paper!





I just use Calibri, even when I'm in OpenOffice. 

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Good concept, except that my experience with modern inkjets is that they'll mysteriously run out of ink without even printing anything. Even when I shake the cartridge and I can hear ink sloshing around. Supposedly they use it on cleaning cycles, no idea why the printheads need to be cleaned when they haven't even been used. A chip resetter or knowing the special key combo to get the things to print when they think they're out of ink is near essential now days. Or you can just use a laser printer. I got mine from my university's surplus, re-manufactured cart on eBay costs $40 and is good for 28,000 pages. Since I got it and stopped printing on my inkjet, the inkjet has said it was out of ink twice, with 0 pages printed on it. Stupid things are a huge waste of money.



I'm a coder, so I spend most of my time looking at Deja Vu Mono, or some other monospaced font.



Its called Spranq Eco Sans and it basically just puts small holes in the characters to decrease ink usage while still leaving the font readable.



 Cutting use by 30% is huge, but until this convinces my english prof, I will have to ignore mother earth and use times new roman.


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