Can Ncomputing's $70 Computing Device Pitchfork it to Tech Stardom?



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 Another "sign me up!"

I don't do wireless, and have threaded an ethernet port to each room of the house. So with this I could sit with a wireless keyboard and compute from anywhere, still using my computer. I like it.


"There's no time like the future."



Unix systems did this years ago. The only thing diffrent is the use of ethernet to do it with. Remote terminals have been around for a long time. The thing is that home owners couldn't take advantage of it because of the cost for the hardware and you needed a server addition of Windows. I know that you could use Linux but most folks wouldn't go there so Windows was the only route for most. I hope this takes off as its a good solution for a lot of families that can't afford 2 or even three systems but who could afford one highend system and then some used monitors keyboards, and mice. KOMMANDER



Completely agree with KOMMANDER, what's old is new again!

I'm always hoped someone would do this because it makes so much sense.

A lot of effort had been put into this concept, check out:

The Linux Terminal Server Project

Microsoft Terminal Services

Citrix XenApp

And I'm sure there are more, but you get the point.

Today's local computing power is so under utilized, especially home users.


Pentium 0

Oh i didnt notice there were 2 models of the L series, the 230 having a usb port. Thanks for pointing that out.



Pentium 0, the top-of-the-line L ($210.00) model has one USB port which it claims is for Flash Drives. Idk if it works with other stuff, but it could.


Pentium 0

Sounds great but having no usb ports on the machines is a deal breaker for me...



Even if this device isn't the one that makes the market explode, I definitely believe that this model of resource-sharing is one that's set to take off big time.  Now that most home processors are more than capable of running numerours applications/threads at once, this sounds like the best plan for getting as much use out of one "regular" CPU as possible.  As much as I'd love to build a full-featured rig for every corner of my house, this would be a much better (read: cheaper) way to get net access and other basic functionality distributed.



**WARNING** Crazy theory a-coming...

" the best plan for getting as much use out of one 'regular' CPU as possible."

You know, by putting CPUs in constant use...

It's *possible* that we could end up with a shortened CPU lifespan...

Planned obsolence in action.

Shh...  No one tell Intel.  



lol.   or even better (for Intel etc), we consumers will start having to buy CPU's based on MTBF ratings, not just speed/horsepower.



I work for a school district's IT department and these are the best things for any school on a tight IT budget, they work great and are pretty reliable we all ready have 20+ in service and they very seldomly do they break, only host computer breaks. And the server version is not as good as the single host computer. The server relies on your network, so the more network traffic you have the slower the xboxes as we call them work. And you can run them on a older machine too!..these are the best! A cheap and inexpensive way to upgrade a computer lab or make an entire new one!



Remember back when Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy used to blather on about the "PC is dead, the internet is the computer"? Deja vous.



an early skeptic. future giants always have plenty of em lol. but you have a point buddy

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