Can Lenovo's Planned 12-inch Notebook Really be Classified as a Netbook?



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Nutcracklng snack wow i think thay miss the point of the netbook

the AcerOne and eepc are right on target and fit a hole that used to be between $0 and $600 

and the light easy to cary and still do alot of the stuf (but not replace your main pc )you do on the road with out having a 8lb to 10lb laptop and ladies can even slip it in there bag and not feal like thay have a brick on there shoulder 

the 12" so cald netbook and even the 10" net book will not quiet fit this role 

every one i talk with about the AcerOne 8.9" say it more like a toy and somthing to dink with on trips and can do some work on the side 

it is a convenient  little pc for taking on trips to up load photos and check email and look on line in the motel room and even do a little work on the side and that it can and will do very well and the 12" wana be netbook is just way off target and will not hold the cuite facter that the AcerOne holds

sory but you are grasping at straws Lenovo



Keith E. Whisman

Ok this is stupid for $499 hell even $399 dollars even I can get laptops that have DVD burners much more powerful CPU's, dual core even, HDD's in the 80-120Gb range and ok sound and everything else an LCD in the 13.3" range and far more capable of everything. You want it to run Linux hell I can dual boot Linux and Windows on these cheap notebooks.

I'm telling you that netbooks are just not going to be worth it until they offer DVD roms/burners and Touchscreens. They don't have to be expensive touchscreens they just need one of the touchscreen technologies and use handwriting recognition. The only way these things are going to impress me is if they can double as a tablet pc with a reversable touchscreen display. 



do we need all that


maybe I just want something that is lightweight and doesn't make my wallet any lighter

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