Can the iPad Take the eReader Crown?



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I watched the iPad video on the Apple website last night and it said that the iPad has a LED screen, not LCD.



 Gordon going off on his "It's a Tablet, made by APPLE" rant.  OMFG I still lol about that.

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I understand that its 'library' will only initially be available in the US and Australia (so its value as an eReader is already limited in the short term), while, short of the much-used NY Times graphics as used in the Media, there seems to be few newspapers, periodicals and magazines that have signed on  - the sort of thing that would keep users downloading content regularly and using it daily.Its also of a size and weight that does suggest book-like portability, like some the of eReaders already out there.

As for the rest, it remains (like the Touch and iPhone) a hobbled device meant to be essentially a content delivery device for iTunes - Apple won't (can't) let it cannibalize its OSX-powered devices by letting it get too 'real computer' and cut into its profits there.



This would actually be a pretty cool idea...if it ran OS X.

What the hell do I want with a gigantic iPhone?



It should be noted that the iPad has a 9.7" screen.  If you're going to compare it to the Kindle, than for fairness's sake, you should really compare it to the 9.7" Kindle.  In this scenario, the Kindle is still cheaper, but only by $10, and the kindle is lighter, but while the iPad weighs 1.5 pounds, the Kindle still weighs 1.18 pounds.  That means the Kindle is about 20% lighter.  Just a few things to keep in while while comparing.



If they would have come out with this thing before all the rumors were floating around, it might have been at least more interesting.  As it were, everyone was hoping for a nice slim tablet/slate/pad that ran OS X or something close to it.  AT&T doesn't even have 3G with 90 miles of where I live, so I can only surf the web at either really slow speeds or at home which I already have 6 other machines that can do that.  Oh wait!  I can read books on it.  Oh yeah... I don't read books.  Damn...  My expectations were high, and I was let down again.  Maybe they can get Justin Long to do the "I'm an iPad / I'm a Kindle" commercials.



This thing weighs A POUND AND A HALF! Do people realize this? No way in hell I'm going to schlepp around a LCD based "e-reader" that weighs that much. I'll be waiting for the color eInk displays coming out this year. Ones that dont' require me to use that POS software called iTunes.



Until an ereader looks and acts like a PADD from Star Trek, I'm not impressed.



Stop giving apple money and maybe they will make something worth a s@#$...that is actually useful. 



No Cam. No Multitask. No flash.

Ok, it's a sweet LCD with probably the best touch interface available at the moment, or at least that's a safe bet. Thing is, it's got nothing to make it stand out. There are several similar models coming to market in the same time frame, and none of those are going to lock the user into Apple's software pipeline.

I'm looking forward to seeing MSI dual screen platform myself, and some of the new next gen screen tech as well. This is last years tech with an OS you couldn't pay me to use. I'm not necessarily an open source fanboy, but the kind of iron lockdown Apple institutes gives me hives so there's no point in buying something I'm going to have to jail break before I can happily use.

It's not even a very nice looking design, really. The iPhone and iPod are a little tired looking now, and it doesn't scale up well.

I don't know, I was never going to be buying this anyway... but I was hoping for more. I wanted the bar set higher by SOMEONE, and since Microsoft totally tanked their state of redmond speech earlier this month, I was hoping Apple would do better. They pretty much proved that, on this level anyway, they're Microsoft's equal.

It's looking like it'll be up to companies like Asus and MSI to set the standard, along with smaller firms like Notion Ink. I guess this thing will at least open up some market awareness for  real innovators to build on, though.



i have to agree with everything you say, i hate touch screens as well, apple should really come out with a netbook styled product rather then all this random stuff thats just remakes of older products.. now you can get a 9 inch iphone or you can pay a bit less and get a 3.5" iphone.. bring out a netbook for under 600 and youll make alot more money off it apple then the ipad..



no way will it beat the kindle, with this thing priced at up to 830 bucks, me and im sure alot of others would much rather get a modest gaming rig with a i5 and a 5850.. or hell even get a dell mini 10 or whatever with built in 3G card and itll still be cheaper then this new ipad..



Nothing special here, move along, nothing to see...

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"Stand on Amazon's shoulders"? I don't think so, Steve....

For one thing, this "iPad" (*snrk*) can't have anywhere NEAR the battery life of the Kindle. You could probably read for a few hours on this thing, but because of all the backlighting, the wireless card, the browser--you could never HOPE to take this thing on a long trip and not have to worry about lugging along a charger. And paying for the 3G is something Amazon does better too. Their's is free--no strings attached.

And what does this tablet have that PC manufacturers of the past couldn't do? Tablets are a niche market at best, for those who might be artists and like to draw, or the Apple mega-fanatics who would jump if Jobs said to. I've not seen anything yet that jumps out at me. There just doesn't seem to be a place for it in my life, the lives of anyone in my family, or anyone I know. And judging by the polls on the local news, a lot of people share my skepticism of this product's ability to move.

And I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I like knowing where my hands are when I'm typing something. This virtual keyboard concept--plus the relative infancy of the technology--make me wonder how reliable it would be in terms of getting what you want from your input.

Oh well ... at least it's a relatively cheap Mac. Considering the source, $500 is a step in the right direction.



only if people like over paying for crap...well, at least the apple nuts will get it.



even the apple fans at maclife are apparently hating on this thing.. who wants a iphone/touch with a bigger screen if everyone there (maclife, mac fans) will already have one?

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