Can Intel Deliver 2 Second OS Boot Times?



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Like i-Jedi said, the fastest engine in the world means nothing if supporting software is minimal or non-existent. 

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 To be honest, I have never trusted Intel, and I never will.  So because I don't trust them now, there's no way I'm going to use an OS they they're developing for use on THEIR processors.  If it were going to be avaiable for AMD processors too, then maybe, just MAYBE I'd try it.  I'm not willing to ditch an OS that I like just because it takes 45 seconds to get to the user login screen on Vista.  I have also used PCLinuxOS, and the boot time is pretty much the same.  I'll try an OS with a 2 second boot time so long as Intel isn't the one making it, but since they are, Intel can kiss my great big fat american (insert insulting word of choice here) all the way to the moon for all I care.


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I don't  think the plan was for anyone to run this on their desktop PC, but way to stick with your guns.



Two second boot time would be great, though it won't make me use Moblin. Now if Ubuntu (and derivatives) could get a faster boot then were talking.


I Jedi

If the software is there to back the operating system and allow users tons of choices, then I definitely think there is potential. 



It's actually a version of Linux.

Chances are, you won't be playing COD4 even on a win7 netbook either though.



I think it's great for netbooks. But then again, that story saying Windows is the biggest OS on netbooks shows that people don't really feel like trying a new OS.


teh 1337 haxxor

I use ubuntu since it boots 5 times faster than vista, and is more reliable. The only time i use vista anymore is if i'm playing games. I'd love to have a 2 second OS on any computer. I think dual boot is the best solution, even for netbooks.



maybe if i was using the computer for something other then gaming otherwise i wouldn't see a reason to.




Ditch all my games for a 2 second boot time when my windows box boots in 15 and I can play all my games? Moblin can tongueshovel my stinkditch, so can Intel for that matter.



Really, did anyone read this article before commenting?  If you love gaming on your netbook/MID, by all means, stick with what you have.

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