Can 5 Million Phablet Fans All Be Wrong? Samsung Galaxy Note Shipments Off to an Impressive Start



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Shipped, not necessarily sold to end users :)

I can ship 10 million widgets to widget resellers around the world, and show one hell of a first quarter. But if they don't sell, that will be the last quarter that shows a profit.

Initial orders don't mean squat. Subsequent re-orders are what tell the real story.



Unless you're one of those snoody writers for phonescoop who thinks that the only features that matter on a phone are battery life, being super thin, and carrying an Apple logo, you realize that this is hands down the most awesome mobile device on the market. The only reason they have only shipped 5 million units is because they are shackled to AT&T. Sprint and Verizon should have gotten this phone as well. I think you would find that Sprint and Verizon customers would be even more likely to buy it, although that's purely opinion. With the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Beam, Samsung really seems to be pushing smart phones forward.


Philippe Lemay

I personally love the Phablet form-factor. The iPad is never going to fit on a person without a bag (and people who try look ridiculous), which really takes away from it's "mobility" if you ask me.

I've used this example before, and I'll use it again... Casio calculators. These things are big and clunky, and I carried them around in my pockets all through highschool. Still today they slide right into almost all my pockets without trouble. I don't see why people like Apple insist on keeping their screens credit-card sized. Give me room to work my big man-thumbs!



Great device, though ICS is not yet out of the oven this is the only hardware I've yet seen capable enough to boast of a "post PC" era; aside from some teething issues among early adopters ideas like this have great potential in boosting productivity over the next 5 years and is a big reason I'm studying computer science instead of Biz Com.



I own an unlocked international Note and I absolutely love it. I've always used smartphones mostly for web browsing, entertainment, and email so the awkward calling size really hasn't been an issue with me. If you're interested in a device that's more portable than a tablet and can still make phone calls I'd highly recommend it.



I love mine... gorgeous screen, massive battery and zips along nicely. How much more could you ask for? If I had one gripe, they are stalling on the ICS update but it already runs everything I want anyway. :)



I've found that in China, some women actually like the phone. Most of us guys will find the phone too big, but women-at least those who carry purses-find it just as easily to tote out the Note as they do their wallets. For my wife, she found it a worthwhile temporary substitute for a laptop: you can get e-mail, skype, got a GPS, a phone, watch videos, and surf the net reasonably well. I've never seen her call on it though, but I assume it'd be hilarious as she'd have to use two hands to hold it.

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