Calling All Readers: Which Antivirus Programs Would YOU Like to See Reviewed?



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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro **Not Listed Above**

Microsoft Security Essentials aka Windows 8 Defender

avast! Free Antivirus

AVG Antivirus Free

Avira AntiVir Free

Panda Cloud Anti-Virus Free **Not Listed Above**

Webroot SecureAnywere Internet Security Plus 2013

The only protection I would ever consider buying a subscription is MalwareBytes. I'm a huge proponent of free antivirus apps!



I know you guys love this program, but I think as good as it is there're some things it doesn't do well. Not sure why it's not on your list. I agree with ndako, Pro is the one I'd like to see.




F-Security Internet Security 2013. I use it because it's free from Charter (I have the 12.62 build though) and I would like to see how it fares against others. Also, in the latest update it uses Windows firewall as it's firewall. Not a problem, but I found it curious.



I second this!



Comodo Internet Security Free and Microsoft Security Essentials. I use Comodo, and I've put both of them on other people's computers. I would like to know I made the right choice.



I would actually like to see Total Defense be reviewed it is sold in every tiger direct store and on the tiger direct website. As a sales employee I would like to see a non biased review on it. And of course Mcafee, Norton, and Microsoft security essentials, and Trend Micro. Can we also see if Windows 8 built in Microsoft Security Essentials is just as good as the Windows 7 version?

I also forgot to add.

Can you also do a Malware Bytes as well. And I mean the paid version the one that is meant to protect you.

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