Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Shoots Past $1 Billion in 16 Days



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I haven't bought the game yet, but I'm looking forward to it. The multiplayer aspect has always been the best part. Can't wait.



am i the only one that misses the old call of duty. 1 and 2. NOT modern warfare. but the originals. not saying that MW is better or anything...but simply recalling the epicness that wowed me on the first call of duty. the guys parachuting in, while guns are going off. good times. ha, played it on my super old GeForce 2 card. The ROOTS of CoD



I think I found a reason to play Battlefield 3 again......


Time for some FUN!



I've played all the Modern Warfares up to this one.  I've beaten both of them and I was satisfied with the game.  I played this game for an hour or 2 and just put it down and went onto better things.  I noticed alot of "marketing" built into this game.  I also noticed it was the same as the previous "versions" of the game.  A few new weapons, a new story and hello new game.  I felt like I was playing one of the previous versions of MW.


I know when you buy MW3 you don't buy it for the single player, but still I would expect some improvements on the game rather than a few graphical updates and a handful of new weapons.  The multiplayer is what everyone buys MW3 for.  I'm glad I didn't shell out the 60 bucks for this game as I would have felt like I had been ripped off.


In my opinion MW3 is like buying the latest version of a MacBook, it's just an overpriced re-make with very little improvement.



To be fair, they changed the multiplayer a lot from what I have seen.



Amazing. That game is stunningly bad. I guess it shows the power of hype and marketing. That's a looooot of money. Now BF3 is a different matter, me and my son are having lots of fun with that one. I mean I am a 3 star srgnt (szore) and I still get a kick out of sniping concrete walls with my tank, lol.



But even bf3 feels the same as bc2. If you want to try a drastically different game try tribes ascend it is the most refreshing fps I have played in a long time.



Now that you are talking about it... Tribes Ascend is in Beta, I can't wait to play the game on release day.

I remember the older games where a lot of fun.




This should be BF3. All IW did was make new maps and weapons along with a shitty campaign. They're still using a game engine from 2005. They made this game in under a year. A good mod team could've done a better job in the same time span. In no way do they deserve a pile of money that large.

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