Call Of Duty Elite Subscription Plan Detailed By Activision



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 I've been playing on-line since the days of Quake II with dial-up. Played through all of the COD games. And with each passing installment, playability and enjoyability has slowly diminished. Now with Activision giving us even less, they actually want to charge us more. More for the game to start and then an additional $50.00, to add to the over-all insult.

 And everyone wonders why "computer gaming" is on the decline. At this rate, consoles will be soon to follow.



Money grab.



I really hate the fact that little 13 year old, 12, 11, you know little kids get on a 17+ game and talk trash. I mean come on, you can play the game but just dont curse just cause your parents arent home or arent in the room. That just really pisses me off, man I HATE LITTLE KIDS!!!!



Since I quit WoW I plan on subscribing to this instead. Skip all the running around doing nothing for running around and constantly killing and get a bit of a deal on DLC sounds good to me.



How is this any different than wow, only less content?



This is nothing more than a cash grab.  Activision can go screw themselves if they think I am going to buy this game and then pay another $50 a year for content that may or may not be worth a crap. Black Ops was nothing more than a copy of MW2 and I suspect that MW3 will offer very few changes from the previous two iterations except for some different maps than the other 2 versions.


h e x e n

This is a money grab, plain and simple. I think they're really pushing the limits of how much cash they can milk out of a single game.

But activision has always been about money grabs. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes.

But honestly, I'm not surprised. This coming from a company that considers reskins brand new games. Activision is the biggest twat in the industry and I have not purchased anything from them in the last 5 years.

Seriously, fuck activision.



i play(ed) cod mw2 on console.  or used to.  not an addict, however, never put in 50 or 60 days of online play.  got on a couple months ago for the first time in quite a while....  yes, the cheating is out of control.  i had to laugh. i never bothered to get the black ops game.  


so basically, people will get to pay for a guard against cheaters and some DLC stuff?  what does xboxlive cost now? and you get to add 50 bucks a year to make the game playable.  my fear, and it looks like this is what is happening, other companies are trying to mimic this.  so what used to cost you for the use of just live, will additionally cost you a subscription service.  i need d3 to come out soon, so i can get lost in that.


i used to only play on PC, hundreds of hours in COD united offensive and cod2 online.  i miss all the user made maps and rifle only servers.  i miss free punkbuster.  like one person's comment "i miss gaming from 10 years ago".  also notice how PC games have crept up to 60 bucks like console counterparts?

the benefit of consoles was you'd buy a game and it worked.  there really wasn't any cheating.  now you buy a game, and download a patch immediately to fix bugs and cheats.  

i still believe you'll never do better then a keyboard mouse combo for FPS games.



The Call of Duty series of games (in general)... Wondering why it is one of the largest games ever invented that does next to nothing regarding cheating?

Cases in point... COD MW2 - simply glance over the plagued leader boards. How many thousands (actually tens of thousands) are faked (cheating) stats? Cheating also takes place on a mass scale on ALL of the COD games. Yet even though it is a very easy and trivial efforts to fix the leadboards; has it EVER been done? Also, noting how incredibly rare it is so see anything happen to people who cheat during gameplay.

If COD is one of the best for gaming consoles; then those same consoles (and the people whom use them) have sold out long ago.



Whatever happened to free User/Developer created mods and maps...oh right EA and Activision is what happened. Ranked and Unranked is what happened. A means to persuade someone to only play the game the way the developer decides. The phrase "Gamer" has changed in my eyes. Remember UT2004? Loved that game just for the fact that Atari/DE released huge amounts of content (Community Bonus pack), not to mention whole websites all deticated to creating such things using the included mod editor the game came with, awesome! By the way, mappack,DLC??? What ever happened to maps and mods? I miss the way gaming was 10 years ago. 



UT3 is also quite decent. Although, what you say about all that free DLC content UT2004 (& UT3) was very much the bomb. There were like 3-4+ huge Community Bonus Packs, probably 20 GOOD weapon mods and 60-75 really good maps and different game modes. Remeber Jail Break? Or the one where you gather skulls after killing opponents and bring them back to your base. I miss that quantity and quality as well. Oh nevermind I don't really miss it that much because Starcraft 2 came out...the new Chess :) Plus, I still have all my UT backed up and have gobs of fun killing bots that can be way better than I.



"and appears to be a reasonable deal if you’re the type that would buy all of this stuff normally at full price"

Well ill tell you its NOT. Those of us who are original CoD fans are used to DLing user made maps and mods for FREE, not full price.  BF3 has already gone down the same idiot route as this game has with Origin and all the rest of EAs bull shit.


Both companies can burn in hell for all i care.



I second that. 



Call of Duty? Pass....


Mastro Antonio

They think people will dedicate themselves to this kind of thing in this economy? The subscribers either must have a lot of time on their hands or they are just school going kids.



or kids that nag their parents about it.



eh, my subscription money can be better used elsewhere



Well that is what is claimed, but the only thing that will either make this elite or break it is the content it self. It needs to deliver high quality content as well as produce as much content within the same year to make the $50 price tag viable. That means at least 4 map packs. Since 4 map packs come down to about $45 on their own. 

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