Call of Duty: Black Ops Rakes in One BILLION Dollars



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Sorry but this game didn't thrill me at all. Modern Warfare was AMAZING, that is the first one. IW dropped the ball on MW2. Call of Duty 2 was great, but the original along with United Offensive was where it captured me. Black Ops is beyond overrated. After awhile, I felt myself returning to the older games. Could be that the Cold War era never really held my interests or that the story line was weak. Maybe I just hated the multiplayer maps. *Sigh*



So, even with all of the torrents eh ?



Am I see this correctly. 1 Billion for this game? Wow Now I know where the future of gaming is heading.



Only one person that I game with actually bought this, and even he was disappointed.  I loved CoD4, and still play it to this day, but until they decide to give back the gamers the full functionality that CoD4 had, I will not buy another CoD game.  After playing a game for a few months people want something new, and with CoD4 you had the ability to make your own mods, which made the game interesting again.




"Our ability to provide the most compelling, immersive entertainment experience, and enhance it with regular, recurring content that delivers hundreds of hours of audience value"

Compelling, eh?  I'm amazed he could say this with a straight face; BlOps was the singularly most repetitive, boring, and pathetic attempt of a game I have seen in recent memory.  Tribute to the 'exceptional talent' my left testicle - it was a rehash of the previous two games in the series, wrapped in a new cover for the sheep to devour.  And as for that regular recurring content, I'm sorry, but nothing justifies screwing over the customers by charging $10-15 for a paltry map pack.  Thank God for DICE, who managed to release an expansion for BFBC2 that practically revamped the gameplay, maps, weapons, etc. - all for a paltry $15.  Activision once again makes me sick, and Bobby Kotick once again proves himself to be another massive corporate douche.  I wait with bated breath for Activision to collapse in on itself, no matter how unlikely this is.

Of course, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for the console (and minority of PC) sheep who buy the games because of the CoD cover, so...a big shoutout to those fools as well.  Well done!  You're doing an excellent job of encouraging these companies to continue to dilute the gaming market with their overpriced, unoriginal crap.  Good day.




Treyarch DOES NOT! I repeat DOES NOT! Deserve the recognition and publicity that this game got. They did a TERRIBLE, but not to mention a CHEAP job on the game. IMO



I own both BLOPS and BFBC2 Vietnam, and though I enjoy both.  I can't help but feel vietnam is the superior game in every way possible (except for 1, alot more friends own BLOPS).  Activision is currently sueing former Infinity Ward execs for conspiring to ruin the cod series, for $400million.  This article just proves if they were conspiring, they did a pretty crappy job. 



In a couple of months, the head lines would be:


Critics of the game aside, it's quite something for games to reach this $1B mark.  Congrats Treyarch on a job well done!



This game is simply a re-skinned version of the old one.  Give us back LAN games without online servers.  I have a network of peecee's that long for local servers, not latent InterTube servers with people I do not know.  My friends come to my house just for local LAN gaming.

I am on the 175th (or thereabouts) NZ map for CoD WaW that I host locally.  Am I really a minority?


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