California Bears ESA's Litigation Costs, Pays $282K



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This is hilarious to me.  Right on, legal system.  I thought Republicans were generally supposed to be opposed to this kind of over-legistlation --clearly I was wrong.

It's painfully sad, too --because of the waste of time & energy, just so some ass can say "well, we tried..."  Isn't this kind of crap the reason CA dumped a legaly elected Govenor?

If you don't want other people's kids teaching your 8 year old to swear, you have 4 choices:  a)isolate your child   b)teach your kid it's very wrong, practice what you preach, & back it up    c)get lawmakers to pass all the laws to really make it illegal   d)learn to live with the reality of your inability to make any of the above work.

Violence in music, movies, video games, and on the news ---it's the same type of deal.  Maybe you need a better warning of what's there & what's coming up, but you've still got to be paying attention. 

If you want to make things illegal, you're talking about going all the way to amendment(s) to the Constitution of the United States.  Various elected officials should be well aware of this.

You may be able to enroll your kid in some school offered by the Dalai Lama, or the Vatican, and dispell all your worries.  I'd bet other kids will still be exposing yours to things you'd rather they didn't, though. 



These are emotional fools really and are faced with an alarming dearth of issues. It is so easy for them to play scaremongers and go to parents with videogames-will make-a-chimera-out-of-your-kids.



always spending money they don't have... that's why I moved to a better state with lower taxes.


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