Buyer Insight: Newegg Reveals List of Best Selling Products During Holiday Shopping Season



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That Xbox bundle sold so well because it was priced at 199. I grabbed one from BBY on Black Friday, but I wish I had gotten a second one. At that price, it was a great deal and would have been an awesome gift to someone.

As for Newegg, I used to shop there exclusively, until they made it clear that they intended to rape me on shipping anything to Alaska. With the volume they do, I find it hard to believe they can't split the difference on shipping for me, seeing how they offer it free to anyone in the lower 48 on many items. I understand having to pay more, but charging full price is ri-goddamn-diculous.

I still research on Newegg, because their feedback section is the best of any site, but then I go and buy from Amazon, because they ship 99% of what I buy free.



I have been buying parts from Newegg since 2003, including a 22" NEC CRT that I still own today and works perfectly! 


Newegg for life!



I'm not surprised that Acer monitor is on there - it reatails for 170 or 180, and it was on sale for 110 on Cyber Monday and then again on another Holiday Sale - they definitely ran out of them at one point.



Yes, I suspect this list is a better indicator of sale price points than actual product popularity.  Still, they're mostly nice parts.  I've become a bit of G.skill fanboy, as I've used the stuff in my last few builds and been very happy indeed.  Top notch memory is important, as it's the second most irritating problem part to trace during a build, (bad mobo components being the first; I stopped buying MSI boards because of two bad experiences with them).


Hg Dragon

I really can't say enough good things about anytime I've bought stuff from them. I would have done all of my "techie" shopping there this year but I had to order one specific cable from Fry's since NewEgg didn't carry it.

Even the one time I got a rack-mount KVM switch bad out of the box was handeled great.

These guys are totally pro.




It's nice to see a company that's not so well known outside the tech world doing so well. It really does have some killer prices and I've never had any issues with shipping or receiving my orders on time.

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