Burning Question: Are All Nvidia G84 and G86 Parts Bad?



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How can you guy's honestly advise people to update their BIOS in this case? All that will do is prolong the dying silicon and srew the end user. HP, dell and especially Nvidia are hoping you update your BIOS so your fan speed kicks up to 100%, in hopes it prolongs the life of the chip just enough to make it past the warranty so you get stuck with a dead laptop, not them. To top if off it's going to eat your battery even faster. I don't care how PC you're trying to be that's bad advice.



For those who don't read The Inq, you should know that they are very biased towards AMD/ATI products and absolutely hate nVidia. You should always take any nVidia bashing article with a grain of salt and should look for other sources for reliability. Sometimes they are truthful, but too often they either don't tell the whole story or they just post rumors and occasionally false information.



I own an HP laptop with a GeForce 8400M GS. Should I expdect it to fail in the near future? It sounds like NVIDIA's "fix" is a weak hack with the potential to hamstring a mobile GPU with middling performance to begin with. Can I get a replacement part somehow??



Whether it is true or not, it means more 4870 and 4850s going out the door.  If it was a huge issue we would have seen it.  Likely there is a problem, but how much of one we won't know for a year or two, when they start popping.  Or not.

The OEM's aren't at fault for using thermal tape because the spec allows them to do so.



So what about the OEM's, they arent at fault for using thermal pads instead of thermal paste such as artic silver? I see this as a to part problem, The OEMs not providing enough cooling ability to the products the sell, as well as Nvidias problem mentioned in the above article. My question is why only the 8400 and 8600 parts, why not the 8800 parts? and what about laptops built by "specialty shops such as prostar, xoticpc and the such. are they affected by the failures? I think the OEMs are to blaim as much as nvidia is for the hardware failures



What is the normal rate?? So we
can understand
"abnormal failure rate"

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