Burger King's Twitter Account Suffers a McHack Attack



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Back when I was climbing mountains for fun, eating super healthy all the time, and rocking a BF% of less then 5%...

Driving past Mcdonalds was no big deal, never thought about eating it, even if I walked inside...

Burger king on the other hand. That place was the Devil himself, driving past one and getting a scent of those chard whoopers was literally like Jason and the Argonauts passing the Sirens of Death, I generally preferred not to be driving the car at the time. The cheese alone was way outside my competition diet. (i was a body builder at the time)

Either BK had more Crack in the burgers, or my body was trying to tell me something.



I remember that for some reason I used to like Burger King better than McDonals but now that I have eaten my fair share of both I can't stand them and they taste the same to me, they are ok once in a while but after eating at places like 5 Guys you don't want to eat at MCD or BK anymore.



hahaha. man look at all the health nuts coming out of the woodwork lol. I prefer wendy's. at least their meat is fresh and not frozen and the fries are way better than mcds or BK and its the only place you can substitute fries for a baked potato or side salad. I wonder if that syringe was loaded with bic mac sauce? must.... get...... mcfix. Perfect article to start the day after a night of drinking. maybe it was anonymous after burger king got an order wrong so they saught revenge. "this is a message from anonymous" "Burger King we have taken notice of your recent deeds of leaving onions on our whopper when we specifically said no onions. for this we will change your twitter account to look like mcdonalds. we are anonymous. we do not forgive. we do not forget. expect us."



LOL, too funny, but sorry, the only thing at Wendy's that makes Wendy's worth going to is the Frosty. The burgers there aren't much better than McD's or BK or Hardees, and as for potatoes and salads, ever since they stopped having their salad bar all those years ago, even those items are lackluster. I used to love getting a baked potato back then because they were actually baked in the oven and I could load it up at the salad bar with as much cheese or bacon etc. that I wanted.






Guess I'm in the minority, since I swore off both places back in the 90's, and my arteries are still thanking me. :)



So is Burger King Intel and McDonalds AMD or is it the other way around?



I wonder if the hackers name was Mcloven?



McDonalds just saw your post and is promptly changing its twitter password.



Now that's McFunny!


Bullwinkle J Moose

I shudder to think of the sort who have no life but to follow burger king tweets

all 83,000 of them

Zombie Apocalpse?



lol :P. hey I follow taco bell. why I have no idea.



most probably results of some promos, contests, etc.

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