BumpTop Integrates Multitouch Gesture Controls



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 Bumtop works without a touch screen.

Windows 7 is the King of all OSes



This will never make it anywhere right now. But when we get further in technology you'll see more and more of the gesture and holograms. thats way in the future though



A lot of good these new features will do for million of us that do not have a touch screen display.

And I have not seen much in the way of any mainstream manufactures selling any. Or for that matter, any sort of attachement to current screen to be aboe to use touch.  



Therein lies the problem folks, these people claim to have a patent on certain "gestures".  That is about as ridiculous as it gets.  I am patenting a certain gesture, and I am sure most of you know the one I am talking about, and sending the Bumptop developers a free copy right now.

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