Buffalo's 802.11ac Router And Media Bridge Hit Shelves, First 1.3Gbps Wi-Fi Devices Available



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From the article:

"...and connecting devices to the bridge while maintaining those (theoretical) 1.3Gbps transfer speeds requires Ethernet connections..."

Brad, isn't that the definition of a "bridge" -- a way to connect wired devices (BluRay, DVR, etc) to a wireless network?

Otherwise, you've got a repeater or a bridge/repeater.

/just sayin'



Sorry Buffalo... after the complete and total fiasco that was your WZR-HP-AG300H product I flat out refuse to ever give you another shot ever again. You owed everyone who bought a WZR-HP-AG300H a refund and you literally did nothing to address or resolve the issue. When you grow up and act like a corporation we can talk again. Strong words, yes I know. Trust me, Buffalo deserves it on this one. When you herald a product as being able to do 30db 2.4 GHz and at best it does 12 - 14db and then totally ignore your own support forums of valid complaints.... yeah enjoy the kiddy-table Buffalo it will be some time before you are invited to the adult table again.



i wonder what the quality of this brand of router is? i have seen them around but have never tried. lets see what devices start hitting that can support this.

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