Buffalo Releases Diminutive USB Display



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Any word on whether it's a touchscreen?

If it is then that could be great for controlling MP3 software.




 Not sure how this compares other than the specs being virtually identical...  Still, this isn't the only mini-display available.  This one also has a price ($129.99).



May as well add my 2 cents here as well. One or two of these things would be great to have on my home server so I don't have to switch over to my server every now and then to monitor it's activity (I love KVMs). So that means that I can have one these bad boys right beside my main screen in order to facilitate my monitoring needs. That and it can be useful for keeping track of steam chats.

- mike_art03a
IT Technician
Gov't of Canada



I do believe it was Max PC that also showed you a program you could get for 20 bucks that would let you do this same thing with a PDA. I thought that was pretty neat had I not already given away my old PDA. In any case, as long as this isn't terribly expensive, I bet they'll find a niche market.



If the price is right, Buffalo might have a big seller.

But I don't know how high they could go, seeing as 22" LCDs can be seen skirting $100.



I love things like this.  There was also an LCD screen that came with a USB mini screen that came out a little while ago.  I HAVE HAD A SCREEN LIKE THIS FOR YEARS!!  I had an older car DVD player that came with two detachable screens for about $100.  I have one of the screens hooked up to my computer.  It is a 7 inch LCD hooked out through the TV out of my video card.  I have it mounted on the top of my 22 inch main screen.  It is wonderful.  I use it for widgets (Clock, CPU/RAM meter), media player, and other misc stuff.  It isn't probably as clear as these new USB screens, but this was a very inexpensive solution that I have had for a LONG time already. 



that's not a bad idea knexkid



can we expect MaximumPC to give this a torture test? :)  This would be handy for IM conversations while watching video on my main display

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