Budget-Priced Intel 330 SSD Details Leaked Online, Expected This Month



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I don't see why the 180GB drive is so much compared to the 120GB drive. The middle option has the best price-per-gigabyte ratio. I definitely wouldn't shell out an additional $85 (a little over half the price) for an additional 60GB (a 50% increase in capacity). A price of $220 would make a little more sense to me. Maybe I'm splitting hairs.



I'll go Intel or Crucial over OCZ any day. Raw performance at this point doesn't matter...much like the Chrome vs FF debate. .0001 second vs .0002 second. Big effin' deal. I want reliability.



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If only I could afford one... If I could, say, get a 120GB SSD for $80, I would definitely go for one. I bet those kinds of prices aren't too far off either. :)



I'm in the same boat. I bought one for my HTPC which was great investment but I can't justify it over my RAID 0 current setup. If the deal you mentioned existed I would be on it in a heartbeat!



These are some of the most useful and intelligent comments I've ever read anywhere on the web. It's nice not to hear, "FIRST!" and a bunch of spam/trolling afterwards.

Back on topic, I'm very excited to see SSD prices becoming reasonable enough for the budget consumer... My old Core2Duo system is definitely going to benefit. Hooray!



Nope, just posts like "my wife's brother's 3rd cousin twice removed made $65 Billion dollars in ten minutes by sewing clowns", etc.



I just installed an OCZ 60GB drive as my boot drive. I love it. Got it for $60, and recently I saw it on sale for $55. Go figure. I agree with Stradric, especially in older laptops that are already maxed out with RAM at 2-4GB, go SSD and it will run like a new machine.



The first drive I ordered was bad, so I had this one swapped out for another. The new one works fine and has the same warranty as a HDD. I have seen drives last 5+ years, and I have seen them last one day or arrive DOA. No brand is going to have a perfect product line. But I did appreciate the ease of the RMA process with OCZ. I am also looking into replacing my optical disc drive with the 500GB 7200 RPM drive I had before this. I love being able to customize my machine like this.



Been running my 6 OCZ Vertex 2's for over a year and have not had a single problem with any one of them. These are used in PCs, Macs, desktops and Laptops. Speaking of which if a person is concerned about storage space on a laptop. If they don't mind losing the optical drive, there are adapters that lets you replace the optical drive for a HDD caddy.

Online reviews/complaints need to be taken with a grain of salt, after all most people will not spend time praising something when it works. It's when it doesn't work is when people are more likely to spout off.



I've had a 60 GB Vertex 2 installed in my 1201N since I bought it almost two and a half years ago, and I love it. Never had a lick of a problem, unlike my Corsair F60 (boot drive for my desktop).


Adam Wolfe

The reason you got it for that price is because OCZ SSD's have a very high failure rate after 3-5 months of usage. Don't believe me? Check all the consistent bad reviews online for a wide variety of their drives.


Bullwinkle J Moose

OCZ SSD's generally fail under specific conditions

By reading several hundred complaints at the OCZ forum as well as user comments at Newegg, we begin to see the pattern for failures

Failure usually occur when updating the firmware or are failures out of the box like the Vertex plus (Value Series)

By avoiding any helpful tips from OCZ, you can generally avoid failures

A Vertex 1 or Vertex 2 can be thrashed daily by doing everything OCZ tells you not to do without a single failure

You can run Windows XP
You can defrag the drive
You can ignore the advice to offset the partition for XP drives
etc, etc....

but as soon as you update the firmware....

Hello, OCZ?
We have a problem

I have torture tested both Vertex 1's and 2's without failures and although my test methods might reduced the performance of a non-optimized Vertex, none of these tests have ever killed a single drive as firmware updates quite often do on these models (Vertex 1 and 2)

I haven't studied Vertex 3 failures however and have no comment for that model

The new Vertex 4 review is now available at AnandTech



I snagged a Mushkin 120gb sata III with read and writes both over 500......for $129.00 free s/h no tax.........blazing fast too



That's pretty much where prices are right now. I just snagged a samsung 128GB SSD for $150 from newegg. Shortly after the purchase, I found a Crucial 120GB one for under $150. Granted, these are sale prices.

Either way, it's totally worth it. I used to tell people that more RAM was the best upgrade you could buy. While that's still true if you're under 2GB, an SSD is still an amazing upgrade.

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