BSA Gives £10,000 Reward to Software Piracy Whistleblower



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....selling peoples personal DATA is NOW legal?  I mean I know it's done, but to publicy put up a reward for someone's personal sort of like saying:   Here, here's 10 grand for you iof you steal and give to (us) so and so person's personal DATA. 

This statement sure makes it sound like....the constitution has been repealed or something.

"I was aware that the BSA offers a financial payment but I never expected this much money," the whistleblower, only identified as a Microsoft certified IT Professional, was quoted as saying.

A Microsoft IT Proffessional is not, the last I heard, part of the Federal Govt.  Doesn't this fall under search and seisure, even if only information is passed?   Google isn't allowed to sell personal DATA to anyone (although they still do), but if you offer a reward for legal??  I realize every large corporation sells personal DATA, but at least they know it's illegal and may be sued as a result.  Does the same hold true in this case, or does calling a chicken a hen make all the difference.  Sheesh what's next, merit badges for Boy Scouts who rat out their sisters diary?  Further, who does this Microsoft IT Pro work for, and will that company in turn be lible?

Well at least if the Inquisistion is making a comeback...I just happen to like Gregorian I'll at least still have SOME music to listen to  :/

Yes I realize BSA (in this case) is not the Boy Scouts, but where do you draw the line?  Or is this the front lines of a Borg invasion...resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.  Geroge Orwell, it seems, didn't have the imagination to even assume "Big Brother" would get this outlandish.  I'm not an advocate of piracy, but..."Holy, bend the Law Batman"  :/



Please quit using the acronym BSA for this group, because that is trademarked and stands for Boy Scouts of America. It just makes the whole thing confusing. I know this because I am a Scoutmaster and a trainer within the organization. Just saying.

And what is the deal with all of these spammed comment ads? Very annoying.



Acronyms are stupid. Every single acronym has multiple meanings so quit your cryin.

/BullShit Artist




I doubt anyone thinks the Boy Scouts are giving out money to copyright whistleblowers...


Peanut Fox

Because this is a European initiative, does the trade mark still carry the same weight across the pond?



there are good ways to combat piracy.


this is not one of them.



Especially given the risk involved in whistleblowing, those that choose to report a crime, rather than be complicit, deserve compensation in my opinion.  However one feels about piracy for personal use, surely we can all agree that businesses profiting from copyright infringement are pretty scummy.


Keith E. Whisman

Does the money that is recouped actually get forwarded to the software publishers or do they keep it for themselves? 



The BSA is a trade organization, not a for-profit watchdog group. It's more like the MPAA, in that the organization itself doesn't make a profit, but its members benefit from it. Except, you know, they don't bankrupt families based on specious evidence in order to make a point.



I'm guessing they keep a very large portion of it, perhaps half.

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