BryteWerks Mashes HTPC and Hi-Def Digital Projector Together, Makes The Model One



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Holly Golightly

Wooow, now that is very expensive!

We need more 1920x1200 projectors. I love the specs of this beast. 500GB SSD storage, and 11,000 lumens. I am absolutely impressed. I do not care much for the computer part of it, but I freaking love the projector features of it. Cheaper than the Dell 7609WU project, and performs like a dream with a computer added into the package plus tooless design? I actually want this thing. The subwoofer-like design makes it a challenge to hide, but with specs like that, you want to show it off anyways. This is soo cool!!!



Actually I think the prices aren't too out of line. I mean a good projector runs at least 1,500 maybe even 2,500 and a OEM HTPC would likely start at around 750 - 1,000 so there's your base model right there. That's if it's a half decent projector. If it's cr@p then all bets are off. So I guess we'll just have to wait for the MaxPC review.



It would be a real winner if it had quad digital TV tuners , for that kind of money it should have. And make the popcorn too.



Just how are they dealing with the heat? Metal Halide lamps get very hot and add a cpu, drives / media to the mix and you've got a lot of thermal control needed. Makes me wonder how loud the fans are going to be or are they using a liquid cooling setup. The SSD option sounds like the best choice for storage though.


Brad Chacos

Hey, here's what the press release has to say about cooling. It's light on the details, but worth sharing nonetheless.


The Model One uses the BryteWerks proprietary AirHeart™ airflow management system consisting of multiple chambers with discreet fans and plenums that result in superior cooling at an ultra quiet operating noise level as low as 27dB (depending on configuration). 



My thoughts exactly? Given those heat issues, and the question where the hell do you put the thing?

Really can't see how anybody could say this looks remotely good as we all know AIOs are hardly ever a good idea. 

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