Broadcom Unveils Next-Gen "5G Wi-Fi" Chips Capable Of Up To 1.3Gbps



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Now if Broadcom will just push through a 40nm or 32nm, 25x25mm (or smaller) chip that can do 10GBase-T, combine both of these (wireless and wired) products into one awesome router, and price it less than $250, then I will consider buying... or caring. FOCUS ON THE WIRED!



Totally useless when you consider that most Internet connections in the average consumer's home are under 20Mbps. Offering 1.3 Gbps transfer speeds within the network does nothing whatsoever for Internet speeds, which essentially makes this point moot. Wired Ethernet can deliver 1 Gbps, so I don't see how making that wireless provides any advantage for an already narrow use case.

This will be a very niche product until the Internet catches up to an average speed of 1 Gbps.



Ive been following maximumpc for a while now and have considered joining for a long time. So here goes my first post. "All four work on the 80 MHz channel" this is incorrect as 802.11ac is in the 5Ghz unlicensed frequencies. it uses 80Mhz channel bandwidths. There is a huge difference. if it were actually in the 80Mhz channel it would be using tv whitespace and thus be a "super-wifi" radio aka ieee 802.22 standard.



802.11g is still plenty fast enough for me.



I may be msreading this one, but it does state, "new line"; which essentially means new version or updated. I ibelieve a version of 5G WiFi has technically existed for about two years for consumers. It is to my understanding that quite a variety of companies already sell these, such as: Cisco, D-Link, and Netgear.

But also noting, all of these could have been upgraded with newer technology.



great but find a router that supports even 3/4's of that speed that's reasonably priced.



I wonder how this will pan out by the second half of the next year.  To have 1.3 Gbps?  Could wireless really be a truly great alternative to ethernet connections in gaming?  Most likely not since the issue with gaming isn't speed, but reliability.  Still, I want to see how well these things fare in the real world and if possible, pick them up for cheap in a few years.



Quick question, what is synch a file? (sarcasm)



American Heritage Dictionary considers both "sync" and "synch" to be appropriate abbreviations for synchronization.



sign me up for the router that has this

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