British Politician Fined for Twitter Comment



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Its more of an example of the total fuck up state of the UK than it is any kind of warning.



Thats harsh it's an opinion now I realize this happened in the UK so different laws but really? Is there anything else that the courts could be looking at thats more important than a troll?



Uh, even in America you're not allowed to lie about people in an attempt to make them look bad. Nothing to do with free speech.

This seems to be just a case of telling a story that turned out not to be true. Guy should be ashamed for being such a gossip, but I don't really see it as libel. In his position he should be more careful, but it still seems a bit harsh.



WTF? What ever happened to free speech?



WTF? What ever happened to people reading the article completely, and realizing that the laws in the USA don't extend past its boarders, and that the rest of the world doesn't abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the US for its citizens living within its boarders?!



People from Wales are Welsh or Welch but not Welsch.



What happened to freedom of speach. This is just retarded people can say what they think i guess the judges or other sue happy people just fear of the mass of people listening through twitter VS a handful of people that listen to him in person.



Thats pretty stupid. i dare them to try that. whatever happend to freedom of speech..ill say whatever i want.



In Mark Cuban's case, being a team owner, he's subject to league rules and possible fines for his words/actions.

In the case of the "mayor" in this story, he's under English law, not US constitution "freedom of speech" laws.  Matter of fact English citizens are called "subject of the crown"


The point I'm trying to make, you certainly are welcome to "say whatever you want" but be prepared to pay any consequences that come along with it.



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