British Newspaper Breaks iPhone 4 Recall Story Based on Fake Steve Jobs' Tweet



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Amen, haboh! I've never understood the supposed "credibility" of Wikipedia, either!



aah, the slow death of reliable reporting. 

Can someone tell me again why using Twitter as a news and information source is supposed to be the next big thing? I never got that, since it overlooks the proven fact that 90% of people are idiots. 



More concerning has been the complete loss of fact checkers in reporting and elsewhere. There used to be people employed to make sure that quotes were real and the reporters got their facts straight. The all got fired years ago. So, we have reporters at well respected papers making up stories and quotations as they need them.

Its amazing that a large daily wouldn't even bother contacting Apple to get the facts before rushing to publish absolute nonesense. They deserve to have pie on their face.

It is also a proven fact that 90% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

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